Growing up in District 16, Alicia has advocated for the people in her district all her life.  She has spent her career focused on improving educational outcomes for our children, fighting for justice for our community, and advocating so that we all have the opportunities we need to succeed.  Alicia is running for Louisiana House District 16 to break down the barriers that have kept our district from realizing all that is possible.  She is ready to fight for our community and make sure that District 16 has access to all the resources we need to thrive.  As her Grandmother Willie May taught her, Alicia is ready to give of herself and serve District 16 in the Louisiana House. 

Strengthening public schools

Alicia has seen how a well-functioning school system can open doors--and how a broken one can shut them.  She will fight for opportunities for our children, including expanding STEM education, and for fair pay for our teachers. As a member of the Louisiana Association of Educators, Alicia advocated for a successful teacher pay raise.

Diversifying our local economy

Alicia will work to stimulate and diversify our local economy by supporting our small businesses, investing in our workforce training programs, and creating good paying jobs in our communities.

Ensuring affordable healthcare

Alicia will work to ensure that healthcare equals coverage.  We must protect our most vulnerable and healthcare enriches their quality of life.  In order to properly combat COVID-19 and its variants, healthcare is essential as many are dealing with underlying conditions.

Championing Criminal Justice Reform

Alicia believes that we must stop over prosecuting for non-violent offenses.  Most often this leads to people being held in jail without conviction due to the inability to post bail.  

Mass incarceration impacts thousands of families in Louisiana.  The key to ending this epidemic is re-entry programs and mental health services for our formerly incarcerated citizens.  Respecting everyone’s humanity and providing access to services that our citizens need is the only way to provide the justice that everyone deserves.  Alicia is driven to fight for the programs that our district needs to reduce recidivism and help all our citizens succeed. 

Increasing opportunities for everyone 

Alicia sees the potential of all the hard-working people in our district. She will ensure that we are ready to embrace opportunity by advocating for health care that is affordable and accessible, investing in affordable housing programs, and strengthening our local infastructure.